WhatsApp: Automated, Bulk message sender’s account will be banned

WhatsApp, a company offering the world’s largest instant messaging service for bulk texting, has taken a big decision. WhatsApp will now close the account of people who send messages every day in bulk. Also, the company can take legal action against such people.

In its current blog, WhatsApp has said it will close a WhatsApp account of people who send messages to others in bulk (wholesale). Its inception will be from December 7, 2019.

The company said in its blog that 90 percent of messages on WhatsApp are private messages, but wholesale texting has been trending for the past few years. Bulk messages are being sent on behalf of most political parties and digital marketing.

All sorts of fake news are also being shared every day under the guise. In this way, WhatsApp’s move will serve to rein in wholesale messages and fake news.

WhatsApp said in its statement that if 100 messages are sent within 15 seconds from an account, the account will be treated as a bulk message and will be closed.

Also, if messages are sent to a large number of people from 5 minutes after the account is created, the company will take action against the company. For example, if you create a WhatsApp account and create multiple groups immediately. And add several people to it, the company will take action to close your account.