Google Duo: Now you can call 8 people in a video call

Google Duo: Now you can call 8 people in a video call

Google’s in-built video calling app for Android will now allow you to make video calls with up to 8 people simultaneously in Google Duo.

Previously, 4 people could have video calls simultaneously in Google Duo. The new limit will be available to users all over the world. Increased limits will be available in the app for iOS and Android smartphones all over the world.

This developments came after the fall in which Microsoft has increased the limit of people on Skype to 50. At the same time, Apple rolled out the Facetime at Facetime, up to 32 members.
Similarly, Whatsapp and Facebook also now support 4 and 50 members in their video calling feature respectively.

After Google’s latest updates, Google Duo users will now be able to add up to 8 members to a video call at the same time.

With the increasing limit of members in the video call, Google Duo has got a new data saving mode in many countries including India, Brazil and Indonesia. When you are on Google Duo video call, this feature will automatically limit your mobile data usage.
Usually, it happens that when we make video calls, our mobile data will end faster, but this feature of Google Duo will help us to save data.

Saving mode will be released in more countries over the next few weeks. In addition, if you make a video call to someone and can not take your call, you can send personalized video messages to Google Duo Android and iOS apps.

To give a video call and a customized look, you can add drawing, emoji and text to it. In addition, Google has added end-to-end encryption to the app.