Offbeat News: Nagaland on the go…

Dimapur, August 14: Yes! you read it right, Nagas are on the go,.. Nagas from Nagaland and beyond is on the go for various purposes of life.

Leaving family, friends and going to a different land is very challenging. But they are willing to take up the challenges to chase their dreams. Some are away for higher education while some for jobs etc. This has been the story of many Nagas for decades.

NagalandExpress took a simple study based at Dimapur city and found that large numbers of youth are willing to continue the best education, not limited to courses which may be available here at Nagaland but reaching beyond the homeland with thousands being spread in different parts of India and abroad.

According to an unofficial study, eighty percent of youths are at Delhi and Bangalore, for studies and jobs.

The other Indian cities are Kolkata, Kota (Rajasthan), Chennai (Tamil Nadu), Mumbai and countries like Korea, China, United States, etc.

These few years, the youth being dynamic in itself, has started the use of mobile app in booking their journey tickets for both to and fro under the comfort of their home, by a simple click with their finger tips. Thus, saving money and time from their hard earned sweat or the parents/guardian’s as the conditions maybe.

About ninety percent are opting for trains and just ten percent choose air routes to travel due to emergency and other reasons.

According to reliable sources from here, the earlier choice for Naga youths were in call center for jobs; but now it has spread to more domains like teaching, beauticians, IT professionals, showrooms and restaurant jobs and the likes, besides male Naga youths in precise are into army.

Now, being the month of August, it is being informed that maximum number of youths and others are already outside the state in their places of studies, training venues and only few will be holidaying at Nagaland under the work sectors.

The next arrival of youths into their home land will be in the early part of December, that is the winter season.

It is to be noted that Guwahati (Assam), New Jalpaiguri (under Siliguri, West Bengal) & Shillong (Meghalaya) are few notable nearby places for Naga youths to study and also for jobs.