NH – 29 at Kohima traffic; is common sense not too common while parking the vehicle?

(NH-29 at Kohima City, vehicles parked on both the side of the road)

Our Bureau,

Kohima, December 7 (NE): At a time when Nagaland is hosting the mega Festival of Festivals at Naga Heritage Village, Kisama, it is painful to see the hardship the visitors are facing because of inappropriate parking, especially in and around Kohima city which makes one think that ‘Common sense is not very Common’ while parking vehicles.

While, Nagaland Tourism Department and Government of Nagaland along with others are trying their best to promote the rich Naga culture and traditions by inviting the world to join the mega Hornbill Festival at Kisama, it saddens to see the hardship the visitors have to go through, hours of traffic being created because of both side vehicle parking on NH-29 at Kohima City.

(NH-29 at Kohima City, vehicles parked on both the side of the road)

Even the people of Nagaland within their best efforts have done all they could to promote the rich Naga culture, many had used their social media pages to promote and invite their friends and others to visit the Hornbill festival. It has already made a perception among others that December is the best time to visit Nagaland.

While on the other hand, all the efforts has been put in to host our guests in all the possible ways, but few people without any parking sense causes a nightmare to the visitors along with others. It is also painting a bad image among the visitors, Speaking to NagalandExpress, one asked, why is the traffic authority in the state blind to this wrong parking?

Sometimes it could be due to emergency or vehicle broke down which caused the wrong parking. While others feel, it’s very hard to find a proper parking places in Kohima city and it is out of options they had to park.

It reminds of one’s responsibility of playing an important role in building a better Nagaland. It’s not possible for few authorities or organizations alone without the full co-operation from the citizen as a whole.