Naga Peace talk: What has been really concluded? – A report

Kohima, February 29 (NE): Nagas along with the neighbouring states are on their toes to see the final solution of the 22 year long Naga peace talks, since October 31, 2019 – the deadline set none other than the interlocutor to Naga peace talk also the Governor of Nagaland.

On October 31, 2019, Nagaland Chief Minister calls it a historical breakthrough, followed by many political and social leaders congratulating the negotiating parties for concluding the talks. Later, it turns out to be said as ‘Very close to the final solution’- the term used by Ministers and other leaders while mentioning about Naga peace talks in any occasion. Now people started wondering ‘how close is this very close’.

As days pass by, more facts are spilling out through press releases from various organizations and negotiating parties. It only shows the different sides of any conclusion and rather highlights on the differences between the negotiation parties making it hard to believe that the peace talk have concluded.

The recent press release from the Naga Political group made one thing very clear that without Pan Naga unification, Naga Flag and Constitution, any solution will damage the very identity of the Naga people also it will not be an honorable solution to the 22 year long peace talk.

Now the ball is in whose court? Only the government of India knows the answer. The Center also knows any solution which is not permanent, will not bring lasting peace in these regions rather it will create greater chaos in the future. Back door calculation and home work will be definitely happening in both the negotiation parties and GoI camp. For the people who are waiting for a new dawn, will have to wait patiently as they were doing for past 22 years.

Someone once said on a funny note, “we were told, that on October 31, 2019 there is a big party but as we went on to that day of the calendar, there was none. An expectation and hope was created with a date, that has brought disappointment among many. If not for the expectations, we were waiting and we will continue to wait only for an honorable solution”.