Lockdown plight: 3 persons walks 235 km to reach home- Kohima to Tuensang

Kohima, April 30 (NE): Global pandemic Covid-19 ripple had touched every single life, thousands of jobless daily wagers, labourers across the nation were forced to go back to their native places due to the unprecedented lockdown.

Recently, from Kohima, three persons namely, Akhumkhiung, working as a driver in Kohima, Kumcho and Apahkhiung- daily wagers, labourers in Kohima, were forced to walk around 235 km, which took them 4 days and 3 nights to make it to their hometown at Tuensang district due to lockdown difficulties.

Speaking to NagalandExpress, Akhumkhiung said, he was living in Agri Colony in Kohima, and his two friends were putting up with some friends.

(The trio pose for lens during the walk to their home town | Photo: NagalandExpress)

Since the lockdown was announced, they barely had work to do and so their rations became scarce, but after the extension of the lockdown, they thought that staying in Kohima without doing any work will not be able to sustain them. So, they planned to take a walk as a last resort, as public transportations were not available.

With two trays of boiled eggs and water they started their journey from Kohima. Along the journey, they bought few packets of noodles and juice to survive till they reach home.

During the journey, they had to avoid village main roads as they were warned that they could be fined if they cross villages.

When they reached Wokha gate, the trio were not allowed to pass, so they took a diversion towards Doyang route via Zunheboto.

By the time they were about to reach their place, the boiled eggs which they carried to eat during the journey had gone bad as they had to take a longer route so they survived on few packets of noodles and juice.

When they reached their village area, their legs got sore after walking long hours on foot and they could not walk any further, so some villagers came and brought them home, shared Akhumkhiung.

They took the route from Kohima via Meriema- 10th mile- Kisama- Botsa- Tseminyu – kandinu- Wokha- diversion back to kandinu – Doyang road towards Zunheboto – Tuensang.

Now, they are at home hoping that one day they can return to their normal lives with the rest of the world.

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