Backdoor appointments hit the center of social media discussions in Nagaland: a report

Kohima, February 21 (NE): Backdoor appointments in the state has once again hit the center of social media discussions in Nagaland. Ever since the Nagaland Police recruitment which even rocked the 5th Session of 13th Nagaland Legislative Assembly and Nagaland Deputy Chief Minister speech audio went viral and landed him into trouble now echoing strongly in major social media pages through campaigns and opinion polls, and it’s very interesting to see the response from the people on this discussion.

A recent online opinion poll conducted by bloggers and Facebook pages in Nagaland has asked the question to their group members and followers: ‘Do you want all the government vacancies to be advertised?’

The number of participants on such opinion polls in social media and people expressing their views is surprising. There is even an abbreviation “BDA” which most of the social media users are very familiar with, instead of mentioning the words ‘backdoor appointment’ in their discussions.

Few comments received for the campaign.

Perhaps this has been the talk of the day because of the job opportunities for youths in the state. Unlike other states, apart from government jobs and few successful stories of businesses, Nagaland as a state is yet to explore any other platform which could pave the way in creating an opportunity for our youths. In this whole process, many educated youths are leaving the state to metropolitan cities to find a job and future.

Many feel that these online opinion camp etc will not result much rather it’s waste of time, it need to be seen how far the individuals will take these issues forward. The latest controversial Deputy CM’s speech is an example, what started through social media has brought the episode under investigation now. Perhaps this will be a new beginning of the rise of the youth against corruption and BDA – backdoor appointments.

We hope for a change, for the betterment of our youths and wish to see our people enjoying their life in their own land rather than living away from their family in other cities in the process of finding a future, added a social media user.