18 year old guitarist Imnainla shares her journey

Imnainla Jamir, an 18 year old girl from Mokokchung, shares her exciting journey with electric guitar which started when she was 12.

Kohima, July 19 (NEx): Imnainla Jamir, an 18 year old girl from Mokokchung, shares her exciting journey with electric guitar which began when she was 12.

Guitarist Imnainla from Mokokchung, sharing her journey with the electric guitar said that, before, she was confined to playing just the acoustic guitar. ‘It was only some years back that I developed a keen interest towards the essence and the possibilities that an electric guitar could provide’-unquote.

She shares that ever since childhood, she was always interested and influenced on seeing other people play the guitar which triggered her interest. She started to learn by herself and her brother also taught some basics, shared Imnainla.

Last year, she said that she received a call from TaFMA which was a golden ticket to pursue her dream on music. Now, she is taking up music in Symphony Academy Kohima sponsored by Task Force for Music & Arts (TaFMA), Government of Nagaland, and her family has been the biggest strength and support in pursuing her dream.

*Feeling of holding a guitar in your hand?

I feel excited at the possibilities it offers me towards creating new ideas yet at the same time, dumbfounded to know that everytime i pick it up and try to create something new, the more i realize that i have so much more ‘New’ things to learn from it.

*Guitarist who inspired you to take up guitar?

At first, I started out by listening to the tastes of Marco Sfogli, Andy James, Stel Andre. As a matter of fact, I still do…!!

Yet, as i started to experiment with different genres, I developed a liking towards the tunes provided by players like Lari Basilio and Guithrie Govan. However, like i mentioned earlier, I equally listen to them!

The one who first inspired me to take up guitar was my brother. Back then, I really admired the way he played the guitar, creating wonderful melodies which inspired me to be who I am today. Also, he was the first one to teach me the basics.

*Dream as a guitarist?

At the moment, I just want to soak in, absorb and learn everything that is being taught to me by my mentors; Polish my skills to my fullest potential. And one day, maybe, I will be able to impart what i have learnt to others, being a music mentor myself.

*Favorite musical genre?

To be completely honest, I do not offer a definite ‘favouritism’ towards any particular player or for that matter, any musical genre.


Besides playing guitar, Imnainla loves painting and craft works.

Lastly, she stated, ‘Being a Naga lady guitarist, I want to encourage the rest to follow their dreams, pave a way for our generation and also for the ones to come and to always be humble and acknowledge the ‘Almighty God’ in all you do knowing that anything is possible.