ZUF Calls For Unity: Blames Defected Cadres For Mishap

ZUF Calls For Unity: Blames Defected Cadres For Mishap

Peren, June 03 (NEx): The Zeliangrong United Front in a recent press release clarified that it is committed to stand united in the front, defending the cause and rights of the Zeliangrong and its kindred tribes living together in the compact geographical region, following and pursuing the vision and aspiration of past revered patriots.

The front mentioned that our land and people remain intact and stable barring the presence of some apparent elements of variants and ideological differences among our people. However, we understand and accept this diversity to be the beauty of our unique unity of humanity in the space of human nature, it stated.

The ZUF blames defected cadres of ZUF which had merged to NSCN (U) on October 26th, 2019 for creating much public nuisance and antipathy, causing the dead of precious lives and said that all the unfortunate dead and mishap causing much disturbances to the general public are directly or indirectly the consequences of unscrupulous and greed based leaders. It has triggered public anger and displeasure over the unabated criminal activities and incited hatred and resentment among the communities, it added.

They are a confused group coercing the public shamelessly and tarnishing the good image of the ZUF from which they defected. Such leaders/group must be diligently watched and denounced if our society is to progress and prosper in peace and development, the front asserted.

The ZUF said, ‘In the process of our struggle, we have committed confrontational gunfire with the adversative opposing forces and foes, in which some of our dear comrades and innocent lives have been touched and cut short. It was not of our criminal intention but of defensive compulsion and circumstances. Nevertheless, we felt sorry and regretted for the loss of precious lives by accidental death in encounter and circumstantial counter attacks. It also acknowledged and condoles the precious souls of fellow youth and comrades who fell into ill-fated circumstances, and seek for forgiveness.

ZUF further appeal all Zeliangrong and kindred Tribes leaders; CSOs and general public to understand their inner conviction and obligation for taking this hard risky and sacrificial step, all for the total benefit and welfare of all the Zeliangrong and its kindred tribes.

The front mentioned that political freedom and progress can be gained if we don’t give up but strive on together towards the struggle; which we have been front-lining for a decade now. We shall move together even closer to visualize our common vision, interest and aspiration to be attained at the earliest no matter how obscure or hard our struggle may appear, it said.