Zeliangrongs launch non-cooperation movement against Naga Political Group

Zeliangrongs launch non-cooperation movement against Naga Political Group

Kohima, April 26 (NEx): The Zeliangrongs under Peren district decided to launch a non-cooperation movement against the Naga Political Group/Groups whose cadres were involved in the March 22nd, killings at Lamhainamdi Village and to stop paying any form of taxes until the group/groups come in open and identify its cadres involved in the crime and hand over to the law enforcing authority within 15 days, with effect from April 23rd, 2021.

This was resolved in a consultative meeting of the Joint Action Committee on Land Issue along with the Head GBs and Village Council Chairmen of all recognized Zeliangrong Villages and towns under Peren District which was held on April 23rd, 2021 at JTWWD hall Jalukie Town.

The house also unanimously resolved to welcome the 5th April decision of Lamhai Village Council to abrogate customary permission given to Kiyevi village and its offshoots village by Lamhai Village Council, as the right step. It also resolved to support the ongoing Naga political talks with the Government of India for inclusive and hon’ble solution.

Further, the house resolved that any individual or group or village violating this resolution will be doing so at their risk and will invite severe penalty.