Zeliangrong Baudi Nagaland holds mass rally against injustice at Jalukie today; “Protect our Land & People”

Peren, October 22 (NE): Zeliangrong Baudi (Nagaland) in collaboration with Civil Rights Forum (CRF) and civil organizations, Peren and state level, held a public mass rally ‘against injustices’ at Jalukie town, under Peren district today (October 22, 2019) with the theme- “Protect our Land & People.”

The rally moderator Mrs.Thiuswangwiliu lead the event. As the event begin, Dr. Mongzeung Mpom, Pastor JTLBC presented an appeal and offered prayer which was followed by presentation of gifts to distinguished guests and speakers at the program. A short talk about the rally was presented by G. Gwangphun, CRF Secretary followed by a number of topical speeches from various speakers. Photo session and song presentation by Albert N Hau took place in between the program following which short speeches were given by different councils and organizations. The concluding message was delivered by Tadambo, Convener, Rally org. Committee.

Addressing the public mass rally with a brief background on the history, Zeliangrong Baudi, Nagaland President C.R. Zeliang said, Zeliangrong Naga community inherited from our great grandfather “MAIRAUSING” and his three sons, Kadi, Namgang and Rembangbo and through these three children came Zeme, Liangmai, Rongmei and and Puimai. The decendants of Mairausing dispersed from Makuilongdi (Senapati District in Manipur) and settled in compact and contiguous geographical area, but the British rulers without our consent, fragmented us into three states, Assam, Manipur and Nagaland. After India’s independence, the same remain unchanged, to which we demanded to the government of India to merge the entire area into present Nagland or give us a separate administrative unit.

The desire of living together with our brethren in a society has been always there, and grows more intense as time passes. As we felt ongoing talks on the Nagas solution when finalised, will automatically cover all the Naga inhabited areas to be amalgamated including ours. So its our tradition and way of life, if my invitation extend to my kindred in Assam or Manipur to come and settle in my land, and such setteler automatically become equal sons and daughters of the soil.Therefore rights and privilege i enjoy under Article 371 (A) is applicable to the settlers in my land. We cannot afford to distinguish ourselves separately, said the ZBN President.

The dream of erasing separation of kindred in different states and desire to come under one administrative unit through resolving Naga peace talk has entered most important reckoning time for us in particular. Reminding on the infamous Shillong Accord, and aftermath witnessed, ZBN President said, are we heading for a worse scenario that happened before? Our prayers are with negotiating parties in choosing what is good for Nagas as a whole.

A memorandum was also addressed to the Government of India through the Governor of Nagaland, in matter of Ntangki Forest by general Public which was read out by the President of Zeliangrong Council ZC (N), Dr. Tumda Newme.

Representatives from Assam and Manipur, Students and citizens of Peren District. Approximately more than 2000 students and general public attended the rally.