Zeliangrong Baudi Nagaland, First General Assembly Session held at Jalukie, Peren

Peren, October 9 (NE): Zeliangrong Baudi Nagaland (ZBN), First General Assembly Session 2019 held at Baudi Hall, Jalukie Town, Peren district on Tuesday, October 8, 2019.

Zeliangrong Baudi Nagaland (ZBN), General Assembly Session 2019 was held under the theme “Transform Through Renewed Vision”. Shri. Namrachang Hegui, Assembly Speaker (ZBN), addressed the gathering with a welcome note following with Invocation prayer by Shri Kairi, Pastor, LBP, Jalukie Town.

C.R. Zeliang, ZBN President, in his speech, highlighted on unity, strength and success through love, care and serving each other in the spirit of brotherhood and of the same family. Let us look beyond our material gain to build our society and person on the foundation of truth and love. Our little difference must not destroy our society and future. The Zeme, Liangmai and Rongmai are the names of our brothers having diverse cultures, identities and linguistic variations in the beauty of unity in diversity.

ZBN President urged people to leave aside personal interest or vested politics for the sake of common interest of our people. We are the stewards of our land. Stewardship is our responsibility and we cannot delegate this task to others. Let us therefore remain focused on this task. President ZBN also assured that the ZBN stands for this commitment.

The highlights of agenda was presented by recording Secy. Shri. Namton Pamnei, Assembly Secy (ZBN) and Vote of thanks by Shri K. Nikodim, Vice President (ZBN).
Benediction was pronounced by Gaili Chairman, Mr. Kezai.
Dignitaries present were advisors and senior leaders of Zeliangrong, Mr. K Elu Ndang, GS Naga Hoho and Mrs. Azeu Florin

The ZBN general assembly 2019 installed, the following leaders as circle representatives to the Zeliangrong Baudi Nagaland for the tenure 2019 -2021

1. Lungbwa – Ngwalwa

2. Pingkam – Kamdi

3. Aribo – Jalukie Town

4. Hairangteu – Nsong

5. Suangai – Kebai

6. Kuliak – Mbauwla

7. Lungchui- Tening

8. Tingbapeung– Peren

9. Hangchiam – Pedi

10. Kairipingbo – Kohima


1. K. Akhang

2. Rangsam

3. Koping

4. Joshua.