Zeliang People’s Organisation on NZPO meeting tomorrow

Zeliang People's Organisation on NZPO meeting tomorrow

Peren, July 27 (NEx): The Zeliang People’s Organisation (ZPO), Nagaland expressed shock and appalled over the manner vested on the interest of Zeliang people who promoted Zeliangrong ideology in Nagaland and are politicising the cause of ZPO which does not at all require any explanation of its commitment, conviction and sacrifices that are rather major fright of the adversaries, both leaders and commoners.

ZPO press release stated that, when ZPO in the keenness to strengthen its pursuit of protecting the inherent legitimate rights of the Zeliang people of Peren District, all village Chairmen, best known to them, whether on their own volition or influenced, had executed a signature campaign to endorse support of only the Zeliangrong Baudi against ZPO. This was declared by themselves on September 6, 2012 after intruding into an ongoing Executive meeting of ZPO at Peren town and physically assaulted its leaderships terming that ZPO is illicit. The latest and most recent confirmation was the press release issued following their general meeting held in Jalukie on June 14, 2020 under the aegis of Zeliangrong Baudi.

On this fact of their stand, no one insists any elucidation. Yet, surprisingly an assemblage to wrestle the legitimate rights from ZPO made the first move of a consultative meeting. In one such meeting on July 11, 2020 convened under the initiative of Zeme Council, Nagaland and Liangmai Council, Nagaland the gathering of Zeliang people resolved to accept the Constitution of ZPO in the process of its strengthening and reorganisation with the declaration that the Zeme Council and Liangmai Council have also merged with the existing recognised ZPO. The meeting also proposed a Search Committee but with no Convenor as of that day and a prejudiced approach, to take a strong punitive action against any group who defy the final decision of the Zeliangs of Nagaland taken on that day. The meeting dispersed without reading out of the finalized decision, it said.

It is also an undisputed fact that the ZPO is ultimate to convene any meeting of its reorganisation yet, on the understanding that the people will be truthful to the expression of accepting the Constitution of ZPO as articulated in the meeting and that such integrity would stand out in abiding it, and thus ZPO remained unruffled. Surprisingly, a one man stage managed game play started when Dr. Tumda Newme, the man who chaired the meeting that day manipulated all decisions and became the source of all decision making, concurring to political influence, even making him to pose as the Convenor without the knowledge of the house, and had the audacity to violate the Constitution of ZPO.

The ZPO is more appalled that this Search Committee under the unaccepted but controversial convenorship of Dr. Tumda Newme is convening a General Body Meeting of a so called Nagaland Zeliang People Organisation (NZPO) on July 28, 2020 at Zeliangrong Baudi Hall in New District Headquarter, Peren, and said that it is not party to such unethical manoeuvring over the good faith and trust it had conferred. ZPO simply cannot accept such an anathema of code of social conduct but refrain to be party to such scheming of things for serving vested interests, it said.

Further, ZPO said that at this juncture, it may be constrained to propose the proceeding of decision No. 4. of July 11, 2020 meeting against the arbitrary contravention of the agreed decision by Dr. Tumda Newme.

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