Zeliang Naga Festival “Mileingyi” Celebrated at GHSS Ground Jalukie

Peren, March 10 (NE): The inaugural programme of Zeliang Naga Festival “Mileingyi” was celebrated with great enthusiasm at GHSS Ground, Jalukie on March 10, 2020 with Deputy Commissioner Peren, Sentiwapang Aier, NCS as the Special Guest.

Mileingyi marks the event of “self purification and the advent of a new farming season seeking God’s blessings for health and a productive year”. The festival is a week long event involving various activities such as traditional fire-making (Mleiteu), merry-making and games & sports activities like hedau (kicking the planks), heram (high jump), tsugi (shot put), hesim (long leap), hego (long jump), hepo (wrestling), etc.

Traditional fire-making ( Mleiteu) marks the commencement of the Mileingyi festival and is usually performed by the clan headman of each dormitory by using strands of bamboo and fine bamboo fibres and keeps the flame burning until the culmination of the festival.

Speaking at the inaugural programme as Special Guest, DC Peren, Sentiwapang Aier asserted that Jalukie is a cosmopolitan town where mixed groups of people from different tribes are existing, therefore he encouraged the public attending the festival to set an examplary life as well as live life in the right direction. He aslo urged the gathering to maintain peace and harmony and to love one another inorder to flourish in life.

In his speech, DC also said the festivals celebrated among the Naga tribes are mostly related to agricultural activities, be it pre-harvest or post-harvest festivals. Likewise, Mileingyi festival also signifies sowing festival marking the beginning of new agricultural activities. Moreover, the DC mentioned that festivals are celebrated to honour the traditional and customary practices and further spoke on the need to strengthen, preserve as well as utilize the rich culture and tradition with values which has been passed down from our forefathers.
Some other highlights of the first day of the week long festival celebration includes; Traditional Fire-Making, Mileingyi Blessing, Folk Dance, Traditional Parade, Leiso/Liagum (Folk song) and Sporting event. The function was chaired by Inreutu & Ileuteile.

(Source: IA Peren)