ZB(N) appeals for an acceptable solution to Naga Political issue

ZB(N) appeals for an acceptable solution to Naga Political issue

Kohima, July 23 (NEx): Apropos press release by Zeliangrong Baudi (AMN) aka ZB(AMN) in various local papers and social medias with a caption, “ Zeliangrong people’s mandate given to NSCN (IM) withdrawn” published on July 15, 2020. A reflection of the 10th Dimki Session of ZB(AMN) and the clarion stand of Zeliangrong Baudi (N).

Zeliangrong Baudi (N) through a release said they felt it pertinent to clarify the statement and position of ZB(N) on the matter of delimitation. The ZB(N) said it could not participate in the Dimki Session of ZB(AMN) through Video conference held on July 15, 2020, due to constrain of network on that day.

However, ZB(N) decision on the matter of delimitation in context of Peren District in Nagaland was conveyed to the Dimki Session through phone call to the leaders. To the effect of which, the ZB(AMN) has motioned and resolved for opting to allow the exercise of implementing the delimitation process in Peren District, Nagaland, it said.

The Baudi clarified that no other issues pertaining to ZB(AMN) on the aspect of Zeliangrong was neither conveyed nor proposed or discussed through video or audio conference by ZB(N). Therefore, withdrawing the mandated support of Zeliangrong three states from NSCN(IM) is not the consensus decision of all the state units. ZB(N) further said that it did not participate or convey any views or opinion on the matter to ZB(AMN)’s Dimki Session in any manner or form.

The matter of derecognition of Zeliangrong by NSCN(IM) and question of withdrawal of support mandate to NSCN(IM) must be kept in abeyance for further deliberations by all concern as the matter is unrelated and not contextual at this present juncture, ZB(N) said.

The Baudi apprised that the subject matter published be withdrawn for good at this crucial juncture so as to avoid further complicacy and discord among the Naga family.

ZB(N) appealed the ZB(AMN) and all concerned to focus on finding a common and acceptable solution to Naga Political issue by avoiding a flip-flop manner of doing things that may distort or delay the issue in hand to our disadvantage.