“You Naga people talks about civilized shame”- quote near Dimapur railway station irks the people

Kohima, January 30 (NE): Dimapur railway station has been in the headlines for past few weeks, earlier it was about the renovation and new ‘Dimapur railway station face with a Naga touch’, now it’s about derogatory note on the walls near taxi stand at railway station Dimapur.

The wall reads out, “You Naga people talks about civilized shame, Please do not pee here” – Check the fine of Rs. 100/- unquote.

Dimapur railway station is the gateway to Nagaland state also in terms of revenue generation, it is the second among the entire Northeast states. Many people travel through Railways which includes local people and outsiders.

Speaking to NagalandExpress one said, this is a derogatory note to malign Naga people. Everyone uses railway as a mode of transportation including outsiders, using the name of certain people is not right.

This post has gone around in the social media as well and accumulated funny and serious comments.

Is it that only Naga people pee or only Nagas travel through Dimapur railway station?”.

This write up is only for Naga people, so outsiders can still pee here?” few comments from netizens.

One thing is clear with this, Dimapur railway station will be in the headlines for some more time as this post has not gone well with the people of Nagaland.