WSSU elects new team of office bearers for 2021-23

WSSU elects new team of office bearers for 2021-23

Dimapur, February 09 (NEx): The Election Commission of the office of Western Sumi Students Union (WSSU), has elected a new team of office bearers of WSSU for the term 2021-2023, on February 8th, 2021 at Dimapur.

A press release by Election Commissioner Mughavi Ayemi said that the election was conducted in accordance with the rules and regulations laid down in the constitution of WSSU for conduct of electoral process. He mentioned that free and fair election process was conducted in the presence of presidents & General Secretaries of the affiliated units of WSSU.

Further, it was also informed that Handing and taking over the files to the new team was done after the declaration of election results.

The new team will be led by Mughaka Chophi as President and X. Hinoka as General Secretary along with several other council of office bearers.