Worth lakhs vanished in the sky as Nagaland welcomes 2020

Dimapur, January 1 (NE): Nagaland welcomes a new year with fire crackers lit in the sky – where few lakhs might have been spent by citizens of the state inspite of restrictions being put up in districts like Dimapur by the Police.

As the clock struck midnight, the people of Nagaland woke up to loud bursting of crackers from all directions. It is true that entire Nagaland celebrated with great enthusiasm mainly because fire crackers were available in the market starting from Dimapur to other districts of Nagaland. That is how, lakhs were aflamed in the sky within few minutes, on the most an hour or so.

In fact, one could hear of crackers from December Thirty, 2019 in various districts as per information recieved here. It has become like a fashion for Nagaland to celebrate both Christmas & New Year like this, said a citizen; yet there was not much news of such loud burst during Festival of light – Diwali, last year in Nagaland unlike other times, quipped another citizen.

The result in the sky will be a matter of concern by Environment and Pollution control Departments but due to holidays it will not have a say much, observed a citizen.

People should be careful of patients especially when they are bursting crackers in the vicinity of a hospital, what might be fun for some would even cause a life threat to others, added a concerned citizen from Dimapur.

As a whole, Nagaland will have to face climate change when the nature takes its course on time. This is how few people in Nagaland welcomed 2020 with style.