World Oral Health Day observed at Directorate of Health and Family Welfare

World Oral Health Day observed at Directorate of Health and Family Welfare

Kohima, March 20 (NEx): World Oral Health Day 2021 was observed in the Conference Hall, Directorate of Health & Family Welfare on Saturday, March 20, 2021, under the theme “Be proud of your mouth”.

Director (Health) Dr Neikhrielie Khimiao in his exhortation, mentioned that we should be proud of our mouth but we also should be careful with our mouth as it is the entry point of everything into our body.

Deputy Director and State nodal Officer National oral health program officer Dr Meribeni in her keynote address stated that good oral health always contributes to overall general health. She also said that oral disease is a silent epidemic affecting large section of the population and it’s important to inculcate good oral
hygiene practice as most of the oral diseases are preventable.

During the function, Principal Director’s Commendation certificate for outstanding service for 2021 was awarded to Dr Neiphriezo Sorunuo Junior dental surgeon CHC Aboi for ”Outstanding dedication and service above and beyond the call of duty”.
Elaborating on the initiatives, Dr C Tetseo Joint director and SNO NTCP stated that, beginning from 2021, dental surgeons rendering outstanding service will be recognised by the department.

The meeting was chaired by Director (Dental) Dr James Theyiephrezo. The function was attended by Mission Director NHM,and Program Officers and staff in the directorate.

World Health Day observed at Aboi;

In commemoration of the World Oral Health Day, the Medical Department of Aboi lead by Jr. Dental Surgeon, CHC Aboi Dr. Neiphrezo Soriinuo, conducted health talks, painting and speech competition at St. John School, Aboi on March 20th, 2021.

Dr. Neiphrezo Soriinuo highlighted on the importance of good oral hygiene through a PowerPoint presentation.

The speech and painting competition was held under the theme “Be proud of your mouth”. Winners were awarded with certificates, diaries, pens and toothpastes.

(With inputs from DIPR)