World Cancer Day 2020: Nagaland needs awareness for early detection and treatment of Cancer

Dimapur, February 5 (NE): Nagaland along with rest of the World joined the World Cancer Day 2020 on February Four with the theme “I Am And I will” where Minister, Shri Temjen Imnalong and Advisor, Shri Khehovi sent greetings on this day.

As per a media report from a local newspaper it said, now it is important to be diagnosed well ahead of time so as to start the treatment on time which can save one in many ways. First, with early detection, the chances to be cured is easy. Second, it also could be less painful in the process. Thirdly, it maintained that as it is expensive through out the treatment process, it is very important for the whole family to stay united till the end.

In the same report, expert opinions and advices were taken because an alarming rate including various myths surrounding cancer has been prevailed at Nagaland. Accordingly, the advise came that the best is to consult concern doctor so that various tests may begin for diagnosis and to ascertain the stage of cancer.

The report also suggested that primary reason for many cases are lack of awareness, which is a very important factor. The other is due to lack of diagnostic facilities not available in the district hospitals, which are reasons to be worried about.

There are various individuals from Nagaland who has defeated cancer and came out successful through the process of cancer treatment. Many were diagnosed from Stage Two, yet survived and still living a life, with medical attention as required. In this regard, vast awareness on every level is required, even an initiative for getting funds from various philanthropic organizations of India are becoming a need, for a better & cancer free Nagaland and North East India as a whole, few observed. So far, there are only few hospitals in Nagaland that has oncologists and modern equipments to treat the patients.