Western Sumi Hoho to tour Sumi inhabited areas

Dimapur, August 22: The Western Sumi Hoho (WSH) will be touring all the Sumi inhabited areas starting from August 24 onwards inorder to get in touch with the people and deal various socio-economic problems, land reforms etc., which Sümis have been facing for quiet a while.

The media cell, WSH said there is an urgent need for bringing reforms and change in every sphere from the grassroots level and see that implementation of various governmental schemes and programmes trickles down to the bottom and reach the deserving ones. Many schemes and projects highlighted in the media are surprisingly found to be ineffective and not having the desired results though.

The Hoho therefore will be working out some variety of strategies and encourage all to cooperate and participate during the tour programme.The WSH feels that many organisations discussing and passing resolutions and publishing in the print media from the comfort of their four walled rooms will not get any tangible result unless we reached out to the grassroots level and, hence the tour.

The Hoho office bearers along with its executives will be undertaking this intensive tour which will conclude in the month of September.