Weekend Special: Nagaland students enjoys this season in school

Our Bureau:

Dimapur, February 2 (NE): With classes started recently in non-hilly areas, and classes yet to begin in the hilly regions of Nagaland, a common feature could be seen: the wonderful climate. In this regard, as per information received, though classes have begun in places like Dimapur – most of the schools are busy in activities and for some schools, they have sports to utilize the best season.

It also empowers students for the rest of the year, among many reasons, a student said with excitement. As for few, various other programs could be added during the spring season. Nagaland, like any other region has got different climates; yet, spring could be a favorite for many, though it is windy too. Students including their teachers were seen in happy mood during the sports hours – being divided into many houses/groups, for some schools they have names by Nagaland rivers; different shades of colors, though they are old fashioned now. Nagaland has come up much better, when one talks or even think about schools. NE has already said about many Montessori schooling available here at Nagaland, in all major districts, which the local newspaper advertisement can be taken as prove.

Nonetheless, Nagaland will grow in terms of education atleast through private schools for few years, until the concern Department take up necessary measures, whether one likes it or not. The Government is also doing their best on their part, as the best facilities through Government of India comes, only strong connections between the students and schools in question need to bridge the gap.

On the other hand, places like Mokokchung in few areas, are currently busy with Vacation Bible School so as to keep the children on track, added a source from the district.