We will build a new Nagaland which we will be proud of: Governor R.N Ravi

(Governor Shri. RN Ravi addressing the second day of Mimkut Mini Hornbill Festival as a special guest at Molvom Village | Photo: DIPR)

Kohima, January 18 (NE): Governor of Nagaland and Meghalaya, Shri. RN Ravi graced the second day of Mimkut Mini Hornbill Festival as a special guest, which was organised by Kuki INPI Nagaland (KIN) at Molvom Village, Medziphema Sub-division on January 17, 2020.

The Governor extended his warmest greetings to the people especially to the Kuki community on the occasion of Mimkut festival. He also thanked all the members of Kuki Community for inviting him to the auspicious day, giving him the opportunity to share the joy of the community with his wife and receiving the echoing sounds and cultural trophies was touching.

He also spoke about the memorandum submitted which talks about the marginalized communities in Nagaland. He said, Nagaland is a rich cultural land with rich heritage and it is because of the contribution of all the people including the Kukis. The Governor further added that Nagaland has no second class citizens. No one is discriminated but everyone is equal and there is no question of marginalized or second class citizens.

As for other issues like bad road conditions prevailing in Nagaland, he mentioned that good road is essential for a state and the road condition is one of his priority and added that he is constantly monitoring the issues of roads. “We will build a Nagaland which we would be proud of including Roads, culture and together we will build a new Nagaland.” Ravi said.

Other highlights of the programme included song by Athibung cultural troops, traditional song by KAON, Cultural Dance and Indigenous games among others. The festival was attended by around 2,500 people.