‘We are reaping what our forefathers had sown in the past’ – H. Khehovi Yepthomi

(Advisor of Tourism and Art and Culture, H. Khehovi Yepthomi, officials and others at the 75th Anniversary Suruhoto town | Photo: DIPR)

Kohima, February 6 (NE): Suruhoto town range headquarter celebrated its 75th Anniversary at Suruhoto town hall on February 5, 2020. H. Khehovi Yepthomi, Advisor of Tourism and art and culture, speaking on the occasion said, ‘We are reaping what our forefathers had sown in the past, it is the sacrifices made by our elders, leaders, GBs, etc, that has brought the town to its 75th anniversary and that we should all be thankful to them’. He stressed on the importance of national population census and asked all the people to enroll themselves in the national population census starting next month.

SDO (C) Suruhoto Dr. Kuzonyi Wideo in his greetings thanked the pioneers who started Suruhoto town. He stated that the literacy rate of Suruhoto is 92% according to government official data as compared to 79.02 percent of state official data showing much improvement in educational field. He acknowledged the Suruhoto Public health centre (PHC) which was awarded as one of the best public health centre during this year Republic Day celebration and thanked Dr. Renchamo and his team for making Suruhoto proud. He also acknowledged Holuto who was awarded as best BLO in the district and state during the recently health electoral revision. He also encouraged the government employees to take one’s work or job seriously and that one should not be silent eaters but rather productive consumers and try to give our best for the development of the town.

Ex MLA, Shetoyi Yeptho in his greeting speech encouraged the GBs, elders and leaders to always take firm decision and give just and fair judgements. He added that jubilee is a time of forgiveness, love and peace.

Earlier, the programme started with unveiling of the Jubilee stone by the special guest. Welcome speech was pronounced by Kheniho Jakhalu, head GB Surumi village. Special number was presented by STH shuruhoto unit and vote of thanks was delivered by Hovishe Shikhu, ATC Chairman. Former Minister Kiyezhe Aye released the Jubilee Souvenir, said a notification from DIPR.