“WAZA” Vocalist, Metet Jamir’s Journey as a Singer: NagalandExpress Exclusive

Metet Jamir
(Singer Metet Jamir)

RUN MONDAY RUN” music band vocalist Metet Jamir shares her journey of pursuing music and about the debut single called “WAZA” which means bird in Mongsen (Ao).

Self taught musician, Metet Jamir is the daugther of Lt. A. Tsuknung Jamir and Yapangla Aier from Kohima. She started singing when she was 6.

In 2011, OFF Band (Nagaland) spotted her during a show in Kohima and approached her to be the female vocalist of their project band called the “Heritage in-house band”.That was when she decided to take up music as her career.

Speaking to NagalandExpress, Metet says, my family were very supportive and I still remember, me and my dad singing to oldies together at home. Whenever my mom and dad sees me on stage singing they were the happiest.

Sadly, i lost my papa 2 years back. Life took a big turn on me as a daughter and as a musician. I went into depression and my passion for music started disappearing. I completely stopped doing music for one and half years, except for one or two at weddings.

On October 2018, i got a call for a project to perform at Hornbill Festival Opening Ceremony. That was when i realized how much i love music and maybe this is a calling. Maybe my Dad really wants me to continue music, said Metet.

From singing English cover songs, i decided to take my genre into a different direction (basically back to our roots). That was the time we decide to start our music band and my musical journey started again! It happened all bcoz of my family and my friend’s support, I can’t thank them enough.

Our band was formed on Decemeber 2018. Formerly it was called “METET“, later we changed the name to “RUN MONDAY RUN” with Akum Aier as Bassist, Kosapong Lusang as Guitarist and Vitz Zhimo as the Producer.

Run Monday Run
(“Run Monday Run” music band)

Our debut single is called “WAZA” which means bird in Mongsen (Ao) and our genre is called Folktronica. We infuse traditional folk songs with edm. Our music is a dreamypop , with the traditional folk spirit experimental with 80’s aesthetic. The song is all about young boys and girls singing in the morungs/Aruju – serenading each other. Both boys and girls are reflected as “WAZA” (bird) in this song.

For this song, i visited few elderly people in the villages where i researched and learnt the almost extinct ancient version of Ao language which only our forefathers used to speak. We tried changing the tune but without deviating from the lyrics and bring back to life the sounds of our Naga ancestors in the way in which it can appeal to our younger generation and also music lovers from beyond our region, that’s “WAZA“.

Talking about their future plans, Metet said that they have more songs on their sleeves and are planning to release it soon.

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