Water harvesting structure was inaugurated at Mezoma

(DFO Kohima and forest department officials during the inauguration at Mezoma | Photo: DIPR)

Kohima, November 11 (NE): A water harvesting structure was inaugurated at Mezoma village on 11th November 2019, constructed by the Joint Forest Management Committee (JFMV) Mezoma sponsored by Kohima Forest Division.

The construction of the water harvesting structure is a part of the water management component under the soil and moisture conservation program of Kohima Forest Division. It was constructed to cater to the needs of the village nursery and the village community. DFO Kohima, Rongsenlemla Imchen appreciated the efforts of the community in collaborating with the department with regard to forest conservation. Ranger Kohima Range, Pezaneinuo highlighted on the importance of water management and judicious plantation and maintenance of economically valued tree species. The JFMC have also constructed a nursery during this season and have done plantation of fruit bearing varieties in and around the village.

(News Source: DIPR)