Voices grow louder to fix accountability over Tuensang returnees row

Voices grow louder to fix accountability over Tuensang returnees row

Kohima, May 29 (NE): Transferring returnees to Tuensang who arrived from Chennai even before receiving COVID-19 test results, has taken a serious turn. As many political outfits, Student bodies and Civil organizations train their gun towards the state government for serious lapse from the government machineries and demand to fix the accountability issue.

A press release from the MLA 52-Longkhim-Chare A/c, Muthingnyuba Sangtam on May 28, said that Tuensang is now faced with four confirmed cases, and it is bound to increase as more test results are awaited.

The large question is, who should be held responsible for this. Is it the Chief Minister, Minister of Health & Family Welfare, the empowered committee on COVID-19, or the Nagaland State War Room?, he questioned.

It was within the knowledge of all the above that there was an appeal not to send the people coming from outside the state to their respective native districts so soon, given the gravity of the situation and the risk of human lives involved.

Despite the Eastern Nagaland Legislator’s Union (ENLU) and other Eastern Naga civil societies appeals and concerns, it was whimsically ignored. It is very evident from the above fact that all these actions were intentional and in disregard to human life and values. It was also said that authorities will be held solely responsible for the spread of COVID-19 in Eastern Nagaland and all the casualties and consequences that it brings along with it, he added.

Following the incident of returnees testing positive for COVID-19, there was an agitation yesterday, in Tuensang showing the resentment of the people, under the initiative of Confederation of Chang Students’ Union (CCSU).

The agitation was not just about setting up of BSL-3 Lab, it was for sending the returnees back to the district without confirming COVID-19 test results, with just mere biscuits and water in the evening of May 26, 2020. They also demanded Immediate set up of TrueNat machines before installing BSL lab.

The Health Minister S Pangnyu Phom in his visit to Tuensang on Thursday met with officials of the CCSU and assured three TrueNat machines by next week and BSL-2 to be installed very soon. He also installed one ventilator in the district.

Pangnyu was greeted with Marie biscuits and glass of water to mark their dissent for sending the returnees from Kohima with biscuits and water for their journey.

The president CCSU, Chingmak Chang said that if the government failed to implement the promises they made, the Union will continue the agitation.

The Eastern Nagaland People’s organization (ENPO) demanded to take disciplinary action against government officials involved in deliberate violation of Standard Operating Protocol (SOP) and forcefully directing to transport stranded people to Tuensang without waiting for test results, within three days time.

The Eastern Naga Students’ Federation (ENSF) demanded for immediate suspension of officer/person(s) concerned for dispatching the returnees of Tuensang District as per relevant section of law, alleging that the government has violated all SOP and protocols of COVID-19 issued by the competent authority.

Nagaland Pradesh Congress Committee (NPCC) through a press release termed it sheer criminal ignorance of the state govt once again exposed, over the transferring of Tuensang returnees.

Naga People’s Front (NPF) while pointing the ignorance of the state government, asked the Chief Minister to step down and pave way for alternate arrangements.