Viral news report spreading in social media on current talks with the Government of India and others: officials will highlight on time

Our Bureau:

Dimapur, October 30, (NE): There are various news coming in from other sources, some of which are going viral in social media platforms with as much news as:
Quote: “Positive response coming from NSCN- IM in todays talk at Delhi.

Finally the NSCN (IM) has also agreed to sign the Framework Agreement with the GOI in the spirit of peace and oneness with all the NNPG’s on Board Under the PAN NAGA arrangement. Unconfirmed Sources say that GOI has accepted and granted the first condition of Separate Flag for the Nagas but Constitution and integration to be dealt with later on unquoted.

There are also further unvalidated news report on current talks scheduled to happen with various groups for the final settlement – in bringing peace and harmony among others including the long cherries to live together beyond the present boundary of Nagaland with Government of India.
The history has been long since Nagaland attend the statehood including the present issues even garnering international attention by various parties having the highest level round of talks in different times.

The Prime Minister of India has said to have given the final few months time – in getting a solution to the vexed Naga talks held at New Delhi.

The stale issue with NSCN IM are about two important points now: Naga National Flag including having it’s own Constitution among others to be accepted by Government of India. And others led by NNPGs has quite accepted it’s stand on these issues to pave a way for purpose of a real lasting solution henceforth.
Thus, the government of India through its interlocutor have to use various means so that every one is included in the board, sooner or later for the best result as a whole.

It is not easy for any parties in all front to deal with. North East India is always in a complex and if Nagaland crisis is answered that is honorable to all – will bring the lasting peace in whole of North East India and dream of Act East will not be far away eventually.

It is pertinent to note that the dateline issued is very important and the general public are keenly watching for any development on this regard coming in – round the clock.

It is also learnt that news on panic purchase of rations for atleast two months are spread, which in reality is different. Thus, according to information, the best happening around is to wait and watch, a source told Nagaland Express this evening.