Various representations to Nagaland Government; will it work this time?

Our Bureau:

Dimapur, September 21, (NE): Even after many appeals through strong letters to various Departments under Government of Nagaland – will the Government listened and act upon atleast half of them, is very important to sit & see before a real pandora box be opened.

Now and then, various organizations has come out in open to appeal on behalf of various difficulties faced by citizens particularly of price rise issue, among others.

From very beginning, Nagaland public as compared to any other states in India is positive. It is much the civil societies who speak on behalf of them. The rest, due to coming of a new generation, we can see the cyber warriors engaged in discussions over various social media groups from time and again.

In such situation, a wise state government can always engaged the available platforms for a practical solution at hand, rather to wait for another long negatives like the past.

Since last year, upto the rank of a Nagaland cabinet minister is seen very busy in propagandas of central government schemes, etc; but hurtly have seen in any positive activities for state of Nagaland to look upon.

Therefore, Nagaland must not repeat the history when public awakes from sleeping. It is a sign of danger, if it is so. We learn for good and not simply create files in the office.

We from Nagaland Express has been very closely studying various activities – both from actual ground, as well had other positive discussion around it. And has come to our knowledge that the Government should act, which is practical for the public as well.

We took more than a week, in coming to this point that there is a solution when we all are ready with an energy that can go a long way together.