Various contests on music, comedians, modeling including dancing underway

Dimapur, October 14, (NE): Time of the year has arrived for especially youths to take part at various contests on music, comedians, modeling, magicians, solo guitarist, rappers including dancing. It will be in the form of contests for North East India, if you can achieve the Nagaland competitions, which has been started in most of the districts to select the best for the state of Nagaland.

In this regard, competitions like Northeast Model Hunt & Dance Rockerz 2019 and others to be aired in North East India television channel based at Guwahati: Assam, are creating to make a wave here at Nagaland already.

They are also promoting the program through social media to gather more likes from respective contestants taking part in it.

They also have various prizes for the winners; besides gift hampers.
It is pertinent to note that the youths from Nagaland will not be in any loss as long as they participate in such contests – that will only make them more refined if they make a choice as one of the career in their lives.

It is becoming hard to find the indigenous owned organizations to organize such prestigious events – due to lack of sponsorship among many other factors, which is very important in sustaining the program as a whole.

In this regard, it is therefore, only to take the full advantage by interested youths in creating a future of their own when the opportunity is at hand.