Under-15 Girl’s Football team, SC Nagaland to Play first match on 15th July against Västerås BK30-Sweden |Match Schedule |Group Details

Gothia Cup 2019 Official Video; Celebrate the game – Let us Play.

Gothia Cup 2019: Under-15 Girl’s Football team from Nagaland – SC Nagaland to play their first match on Monday (15th July) against Västerås BK30-Sweden.The Gothia Cup is the world’s largest International Youth Football Tournament. This year a total of 1686 teams from 75 countries are participating in the tournament.

In girls Under-15, there are 110 teams from 13 different countries.
They are divided into 27 different groups and SC Nagaland is in group 22.

Group 22; Teams

SC Nagaland’s Match Schedule:

SC Nagaland team interacted with other professional players from the reputed club in Sweden and had a friendly match on Friday (12th July)

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