Two wheeler taxi in Nagaland: ready for a ride?

Dimapur, November 3 (NE): The most awaited two wheeler taxi service is finally here in Nagaland.

If things are fine, it will be spread in many districts of Nagaland too. With female two wheeler service atleast available at Kohima – the capital of Nagaland. Things will only be strengthened in days to come provided the current momentum is continued. If one see, lots of projects – from Government to NGOs, are not in any better shape; but atleast there will be good things to share through such innovative idea of a two wheeler taxi.

Anything that is earned through one’s sweat is honorable – yet sighing away from such responsibilities will not have any future for all.

It is a pleasure to observe that the youths in Nagaland are taking things seriously by making the venture to an extent as success. It will be about time, when this labor job would be done more in tuning with times. The year 2019 has become a successful one, with many energetic youths spending time in earning through such ways that better future is very near in every aspect.

If it works as plan, the two wheeler taxi will not be competing with other autos; but, it is working in a way to ease the traffic, create quicker service for the passengers including the rates to be cheaper. That’s a win-win for every one onboard.

However, the Association that is taking care must be transparent in such ways that it do not become a pure business hub. It is infact, a pure social entrepreneurship for example, in today’s world keeping international standards, which is good for every one. In such business, let tomorrow be a milestone for a job to be patted well done from every angle; or rather a complaint center from many angle.

This idea if successful, the Government of the day along with it’s entire agencies can redo a history in the making; provided only the concern officials come out from the comfort zones – because the educated unemployed youths are answering and they ought to hear the inner voice saying are you listening?