Two days Dimapur Music Festival underway from this evening at Dimapur city

Dimapur, September 20, (NE): The Dimapur Music Festival is starting particularly the music section by the following as schedule:

Day I:

Paradigm Shift, Since 90’s, Jam Tree, Avancer, Paper Sky, Chicken Head, Moko Koza and Ina.

Day II:

Tokaholi, The Teaspoon Project, Trance Effect, Purple Fusion, Metet, Ronnie & Aloza.

During the program, various eatable stalls has been created inorder to entertain more for those attending the show.

It is being held at Urban Haat, Dimapur from September 20-21.

The Festival is produced by Live Now, supported by TaFMA, Government of Nagaland alongwith hosts other enterprises, etc.