Tuensang Police Revamped Quick Response Team

Tuensang Police Revamped Quick Response Team

Kohima, April 22 (NEx): DEF Tuensang revamped its Quick Response Team (QRT) with a new mandate to make it more pro-active and was formally launched by Amit Nigam IPS, SP Tuensang on April 21st, 2021.

An update from Tuensang Police said QRT will act as a first response to any criminal activity. The team will be performing patrolling duty such as highway patrolling and will act as a deterrence to the criminals.

The team is equipped with sophisticated weapons, body camera, first aid kit, non lethal electric shock baton and pepper spray. The QRT will come directly under Crime branch Superintendent of Police office, Tuensang, the update said.

It is connected to a PCR (Police Control Room) number 7085486818 which will be available 24×7 helping the Police to respond to any emergency within minimum time, it stated.