Tuensang police cautions on OLX fraud

Tuensang police cautions public on OLX fraud

Kohima, February 10 (NEx): Tuensang Police cautioned public on safety against OLX fraud today, after the news of Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal’s daughter Harshita Kejriwal being duped of Rs 34,000 while trying to sell a used sofa set online.

According to reports, Harshita fell into the trap after a fraudster contacted her to buy the sofa set that she had listed for sale in an online platform.

The Fraudster sent a QR code after finalizing the deal and asked her to scan it to receive the money. As she scanned, a sum of Rs 20,000 got debited from her account. When she questioned, the fraudster told her that he sent the wrong bar code by mistake. He then sent another code and asked her to follow the same procedure for receiving the money. Once again, she lost another Rs 14,000. After this, she realized that she has been duped.

She then approached the Civil Lines police station and filed a complaint against the scammer on charges of cheating, and investigation is on, reports said.

The Tuensang police uploaded two photographs in their social media page citing Harshita’s incident and stated “No one is safe from fraudsters” & “Small precautions can save you from frauds (check ‘while selling’ point)”.

Tuensang police through its series on Cyber secure Tuensang have already cautioned against such frauds on January 28, 2021, it said.

The police adviced to verify the credentials of buyer/seller before making or receiving payment and not to click on any link or scan any QR code.

The police cautioned- “Be Aware, Be A Warrior”.