TSUD calls for symbolic protest against CAA, NRC tomorrow

(During Hyderabad Anti-CAA Protest | Photo: Twitter)

Kohima, January 7 (NE): The Tenyimi Students’ Union Dimapur (TSUD) has called for a ‘symbolic protest’ on January 8, 2020 as a sign of anguish and solidarity to all the students and protesters across the country standing up against the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) and National Register of Citizens (NRC), stated the press release from the TSUD president Rukewezo Wetsah and finance secretary Pechesin Bukh.

TSUD invited all student bodies and civil organizations irrespective of tribe to join the symbolic protests, also requested all its constituent units to hoist black flags atop their respective offices of Hoho offices on January 8 from 8 am onwards.

The TSUD condemned the continuing violence against students’ and innocent protestors across the country and universities by radical elements and state sponsored groups in their protests against CAA and NRC.

It termed the CAA as nothing but a diabolical act against the very tenets of the Indian Constitution, the basis of which was formed on equal rights and opportunities to every citizen irrespective of religion or castes.

It also expressed concern over the continued form of autocratic governance without listening to reason and the people which it said undermine the democratic and secular principles of the country.

Towards this, the TSUD has reminded the people that silence is not always the answer while citing history that the deafening silence of the European countries in the initial actions of Hitler led to one of the most tragic holocaust in the 2nd World War.

The TSUD also condemned the u-turn taken by the Nagaland MPs by voting in favour of the Bill after so much assurance was given to the people of Nagaland and the Northeast.