TrueNat Lab inaugurated at CHC Pughoboto

TrueNat Lab inaugurated at CHC Pughoboto
(MLA Y. Vikheho Swu at the inauguration of TrueNat Lab at CHC Pughoboto on September 15, 2020 | Photo: DIPR)

Kohima, September 15 (NEx): MLA Y. Vikheho Swu inaugurated TrueNat Lab at CHC Pughoboto on September 15, 2020. The Lab was dedicated by Home Evangelist SABAK Atovi Asumi.

Vikheho Swu, who was the guest of honour at the TrueNat machine installation program, remarked that opening of the lockdown is dangerous and one should be responsible while adapting to the new normal life continuing with washing hands with soap and wearing face masks. He thanked the administrative officers in the sub division for maintaining effective law and order before and during the pandemic.

The MLA also expressed gratitude to Dr. J.Hokugha, SMO Pughoboto for his services rendered to the Aphuyemi since posted in the Sub Division Community Health Centre. He thanked the Sumi Aphuyemi Hoho led by Inavi Swu and his team, for taking the initiative for the free will contributions to install the machine in the CHC Pughoboto. Swu also assured that he has kept provision for relief package under LADP fund for the Sub Division Health Centres to sustain the availability of first aid and medicine during the pandemic.

DPO (RCH & UIP) Nukshisangla who came from CMO Zunheboto Office, appreciated the involvement by the community of Aphuyemi in rendering selfless services to contain Covid-19. She said that community participation is important for any programme to be successful and further called upon all to maintain the TrueNat machine.

SAH President Inavi Swu highlighted on how the machine donation started and also congratulated the SDTF team for effectively controlling the virus in the division. He said that installation of the machine is to provide services to the neighbouring areas according to the norms and procedures. He said that the SAH is trying to donate Semi Blood analyser and requested the SMO to work out the details. He also disclosed that the Hoho will also provide 90 Cartridges (3 set) for TrueNat and emergency medicine to the health centers under Pughoboto Sub division.

ADC Pughoboto Thungchanbemo Tungoe congratulated the MLA, SAH, Doctors and nurses, churches, NGOs for the achievements and contribution towards the installation of the machine and also sought cooperation to fight the pandemic efficiently.

SMO, PHC Pughoboto Dr J.Hokugha Sema who chaired the program and addressed the welcome speech said that Pughoboto CHC is the first block under Zunheboto district to install TrueNat machine to assist the hardship faced by the district hospitals. EAC Luchui Fithu pronounced the vote of thanks. Benediction was delivered by ES NCRC Rev. Vitoka Kinimi.

(News source: DIPR)