Training programme and Inputs on Fall Army Worm Infestation held at KVK Zunheboto

Kohima, May 07 (NEx): Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Zunheboto, Nagaland University conducted training programme and supply of inputs at Litta Old village farmers field in collaboration with NCIPM, New Delhi.

After getting the information about Fall Army Worm (FAW) infestation in the maize fields in Litta Old Village, Dr. Rakesh Kumar Chaurasia (Sr. Scientist and Head) and Mr. Wapangtoshi Longkumer (ACTO, Plant Protection) visited the farmer’s field and inspected the farm. In the present scenario, Fall Army Worm infestation in Maize crops has become very common and is causing a huge economic loss to the farming communities, a press release from the KVK informed.

After confirmation of FAW infestation, Plant protection scientist explained in detail on how to control the pest using organic, indigenous methods and by using pesticides as a last resort. The farmers also reported infestation in Soybean with Bean Leaf Beetle and Tomato with fruit Borer.

The scientist provided all the detailed information on how to control the pests and what preventive measure should be taken in future to prevent the spread of these pests from one field to another.

Dr. Mukesh Sehgal, Principal Scientist, National Research Centre for Integrated Pest management, ICAR interacted with the participants through a video call and discussed with them the prevailing pest infestation and assured all possible help for controlling FAW.

The participating farmers were provided free inputs in the form of Yellow sticky traps, Neem oil, pesticides and Sprayer. It is believed that the farmers will be able to control to spread of FAW in maize and other pest infestation in Tomatoes and Soybean in the coming days.

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