TR Zeliang Urges Chief Minister & Home Minister To Act Swiftly Against Lamhainandi Killers

Kohima, March 29 (NEx): Seventh (7) day after the March 22nd incident, where three innocent villagers were massacred by unidentified gunmen at Lamhainamdi village under Peren district, the state government is yet to shed light on the identity of the perpetrators and take action on the crime committed.

The Leader of Opposition, TR Zeliang took to social media to appeal the Chief Minister of the State and the Home Minister to act swiftly and sincerely against the Lamhainamdi killers and immediate termination of the IRB Commander stationed at the site.

He stated, ‘While the gruesome massacre of the 3 unsuspecting souls at Lamhainamdi still brings chills and shivers, the absence of immediate action by the Government against the failure of the IRB commander and his men, stationed at the site, to prevent the terrorist act and protect the villagers, adds to the grief of the people. The service of the commander, who chose to watch as gun toting men went on an unhindered rampage on that fateful day, should be immediately terminated. Or are we to conclude that the murderers in connivance with the State machineries carried out the horrific carnage’.

TR Zeliang mentioned that the resignation of Dr. Kakheto Zhimomi as the President of Western Sumi Hoho, comes as a soothing development and an exemplary leadership for taking moral responsibility for violating their tribe’s resolution for peaceful settlement to any disputes. Such stance should be taken up by leaders without prejudice and any sorts of ism. The silence of Leaders to condemn and support for justice is by default condoning the barbaric act of perpetrators, he added.

Regardless of the cause, he said the means and effect is cold blooded serial murder of innocent souls and that punishment should be as per the law.

Zeliang said the Chief Minister of the State and the Home Minister must act swiftly and sincerely minus the mere lip services. He pointed that the merciless and heartless killers’ identity must be established and booked at the earliest and see to it that no such sadistic act is carried out in the Naga family.

He also called upon all the 14 Naga Tribes to immediately come together as one family without tribalism and any prejudice and support in pursuing to bring the perpetrators to justice.

TR Zeliang further stated, “When hopes and peace of mind are in tatters by such barbarism in our own land, unity and empathy would alleviate and help to regain the sense of brotherhood and hope for a better future”.

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