TR Zeliang calls to work selflessly and with equal zeal to combat COVID-19

TR Zeliang calls to work selflessly and with equal zeal to combat COVID-19

Peren, May 22 (NE): A review meeting was held at DC Conference Hall, Peren New HQ on May 21, 2020 to deliberate on the preparedness of Peren District to fight the COVID-19 pandemic in the presence of Hon’ble Minister, Temjen Imna Along and Hon’ble Advisor Namri Nchang, Leader of Opposition, TR Zeliang, Officials from the District Administration, Medical, Police, Civil Societies, and others.

Zeliang said, ‘In Peren District, except for Thermal Scanners, there are no Testing Kits to test the returnees from other parts of the country. Thermal screening alone cannot determine nor it is safe to assume that a person is negative solely basing on the result of it. He urged the State Government to look into the matter immediately and allot appropriate Testing Kits to the Medical Department at the earliest since stranded people from other States across the Country have started arriving. Further delay to deliver on this will result in giving room for community transmission, added TR.

Also there is not a single ICU bed, Ventilator and other medical equipments required at the moment. This is such a sorry state of the designated COVID Hospital in the district, TR stated.

The Administration in Peren District is facing immense problems even as the SOP issued by the State Government has failed to come out with any clear-cut measures and rather confused the people and even the officers. Instead of trying to solve the problem associated with the pandemic, the State Government is passing the buck to the District Administration and likewise, the District Administration is further passing it on the villagers by asking them to set up quarantine centres, said Zeliang.

How can Villagers take care of stranded people coming from outside the State without proper knowledge, resources and manpower? Will the State Government provide financial assistance to the village councils to handle those under their care? And most importantly, will medical personnel be available round the clock at such quarantine centres set up by the villages? This is impractical and a dangerous endeavour, stated TR.

He also said, Unless the State Government comes up with concrete protocols on how the current situation in the State is to be handled at the State, District, Sub-Division and the Village level, sending stranded people coming from outside the State straight to their hometowns and villages will create irreparable damage and endanger the community.

In the meeting, after getting the views and opinions of all stakeholders, it has been decided that no returnees will be directly sent to the villages for home quarantine or for quarantine in the quarantine centres arranged by the village councils. Each person will undergo 14 days quarantine at the institutional quarantine centres set up by the District Task Force. This is necessitated as a result of the inability expressed by the Village councils to handle it on their own without any assistance from the government, he added.

TR appreciated the support and cooperation rendered by various Civil Societies, Church Bodies and NGOs in the district, under the banner of Joint Action Committee (JAC) for COVID19, with concern for the well being of the people. He also expressed gratitude to Shri Imna Along, who is the Minister Incharge of Peren District on COVID19, for having sincere concern for the district and assisting in cash and kind. He called all to continue to work selflessly and with equal zeal.