Total lockdown lifted at Mon

The total lockdown under Mon district and Mon Sadar sub-division has been lifted on August 10, 2020

Kohima, August 10 (NEx): The total lockdown under Mon district and Mon Sadar sub-division has been lifted on August 10, 2020. Deputy Commissioner of Mon, Thavaseelan K has informed that the following guidelines will be enforced in the whole of Mon district till further orders.

Personal Behavior Guidelines:

Every person should treat himself/herself as an asymptomatic carrier of COVID-19 and should take necessary safety precaution to break the chain of transmission.

Stigmatization of returnees released from the quarantine centres is strictly prohibited. Wearing of face mask is compulsory in public places and in the work places and during transport. A fine of Rs.100 will be imposed for violation.

Individuals must maintain a minimum distance of 6 feet in public places/work place. Spitting of public places is strictly prohibited.

Consumption of paan, gutka, tobacco is strictly prohibited. Used face mask and gloves should be disposed off in a designated waste pit and burnt by individual households.

Person above 65 years of age, persons with co-morbidities (hypertension, diabetes, heart disease, kidney disease, lung disease, etc) pregnant women and children below the age of 10 years are advised to stay at home except for essential/medical purposes.

Large public gathering for social, cultural, religious or academic purpose will continue to remain prohibited. Not more than 20 people at a time will be permitted in case of funerals. The concerned ward/village task force are to strictly enforce this provision.

All shops will remain open on Monday to Saturday from 9am to 2pm.The shop owners and sales girls/boys are compulsory to wear face mask and hand gloves. No shop owner will sell goods to customers who are not wearing face mask.

All shops/business establishments/fuel stations/banks/ATMs, any other establishments have to keep date wise information (names, address & contact no.) of customers visiting their shops to facilitate contact tracing. These register should be submitted to the administrative officers for verification every 1st and 3rd Saturday after 2pm.

Shops owners shall ensure physical distancing among the customers. All shops to install hand sanitizers/water & soap outside their shops and ensure that the customers wash their hands before entering the shop. All shops owners will sell goods to customers only upon production of the colour coded public movement permit, authorization letter issued by the district administration or concerned village council.

The following categories of commercial establishments will remain closed:

Hair cutting saloons & beauty parlours. Hotels and dine-in restaurants. Home delivery is permitted and only 50% staff are permitted to work at any point. Any further restrictions/relaxations will be notified by the respective area administrative officer.

Movement of public and private vehicles:

Color coded public movement permit for one person per household for procuring essential commodities, withdrawing cash from Banks/ATMs, medical emergencies, should be strictly followed.

Mon town is divided into three Zones. Household lying in a particular zone will be allowed to come out only on the days assigned to them.

To ensure strict regulation of the movement of private vehicles; owners if caught without any vehicle movement permit/ individual movement permit, their vehicles will be seized immediately. Not more than 3 persons will be permitted in a small vehicle and social distancing norms should be followed at all times. Not more than one person is allowed in a two wheeler. Intra-district movements of people and private vehicles is prohibited except for medical emergency, official duty/COVID-19 related duty.

Vehicles plying from Assam carrying essential commodities for Mon town and respective sub-division will be allowed on all days except Saturday & Sunday. The SOP for transportation of essential commodities issued by the district administration is to be strictly adhered to. Only two vehicles per village and duly authorised by the village council will be permitted entry into Mon town for procuring essential commodities and goods. Prior approval should be obtained from the district administration Mon for private individuals and shops desiring to procure essential commodities on their own.

The total lockdown will continue to remain enforced in the containment zones unless notified otherwise. All activities within a containment zone will be strictly monitored by the ward task force/block level task force/village task force for delivery of essential goods and services.

Any person found violating these measures will be liable to be prosecuted against as per the provisions of section 51 to 60 of the disaster management Act 2005, besides legal action under section 188 of the IPC and other legal provisions as applicable.

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