Tokhu Emong celebration by Lotha (Kyongs) in Nagaland

Our Bureau:
Dimapur, November 7 (NE): The Lotha (Kyongs) celebrates its harvest festival, Tokhu Emong throughout Nagaland in their inhabited areas for the past few days.

In this regard, pompous celebration were held with various programs giving the Tokhu greetings to their loved ones – including speeches as prominent leaders were invited as special guest among others.

Songs & dances were highlights of the day. Besides, Tokhu feast was also an attraction in the event and other programs were also held to mark the day.

Various officials including Nagaland Governor, Chief Minister, Deputy CM and Ministers had sent the celebration greetings to the citizens earlier.

It is pertinent to note that the festival has been going on past few days, November five onwards and particularly today the festival has been celebrated widely throughout Nagaland with Lothas dressed in traditional attires and meeting and greeting each other with festive joy.