Today is World AIDS Day: Nagaland mostly observed in advance, a report

Dimapur, December 1 (NE): To commemorate World AIDS Day, (actually today, Sunday, December 1) the Red Ribbon Club, St. John’s College, Dimapur in collaboration with the Department of Zoology, organised a one day seminar under the theme “Ending the HIV/AIDS epidemic: community by community” on November thirty.

Project Manager, Akimbo Society, Dimapur, Shri Nathaniel Bagh was the Chief Guest. Akimbo Society take their name from a Sema dialect word meaning, “I have reached a home I was searching for”. The society is a pioneer voluntary organisation in Nagaland working among commercial sex workers and injecting drug users. Through this work they regularly support HIV/AIDS patients.

Likewise, many organizations from different parts of Nagaland: Kohima, Tuensang, etc have organized the said function one day advance with a common theme due to December one falling on Sunday, this year.
Many organization in their programs have appealed the Government of Nagaland to thoroughly understand the genuine grievances being faced by them for creating a positive society through a right intervention as continuous support is required, they opined.

Various leaders were given an opportunity to be as special guest including resource persons to appraise particularly the Government and look into their favors for reducing the spread of HIV/AIDs, also control from already affected ones.

The AIDS story for state of Nagaland, is a very shordy affair, either as neglected or other case maybe. Needless to state, that the NGOs in this sector of Nagaland was the highest paid as far as government grants are concern. But now, everything is in a very pitiable state as a whole. Nagaland needs a paradigm shift even among the working NGOs are concerned as a small state like this, dedicated workforce including a strong will power by founders of NGOs are required. Otherwise, time will not be far to get in the worst if by now those changes not done.

NagalandExpress, as a responsible media platform remembers the suffering ones including the family members in the society to get better in every way of life though how tough even a passing day would be.

It is however, pertinent to note that there is no such news of any program being held today, until time of filing this report.