The tunes and turns of Nagaland during Citizenship Amendment Act crisis: A report

(During the candle light vigil by DNSU at Dimapur | File Photo)

Dimapur, December 16 (NE): Nagaland is limping back to normal with tunes & turns: The citizens in one hand supports the ongoing protests due to Citizenship Amendment Act, on the other hand, due to current festive season every one is busy like everything is alright.

According to media reports, the Assam Government is escorting various trucks with items including petroleum products. In this regard, many tanks were seen today at National Highway road, particularly in Dimapur. Different district administration has also been informing about the use of petroleum in the best way until conducive to come for everyone during the current environment in Nagaland.

It may not be all, but due to prices especially in transportation sectors, the citizens have to spend more, the reason being lack of petrol in the market. It is also a fact that in the market, the products are available limitedly because of current situation. In business sense, Nagaland would definitely not be like before because of sudden condition.

It is a loss for both the parties – only the Government has taken advantage on the other side; It is also a fact that Nagaland comes with many privileges – one being Article 371 (A); Hopefully, Nagaland will be safe even in days to come, few people observed.

There are various reports coming in that in few districts, petrol is empty in the fuel stations but with the petrol tankers, it must create a mercy in disguise by tomorrow or so.

The Government of Nagaland is doing a good service this time with various control centers being set-up even at Guwahati besides others and helping the Nagas in distress to let them come back home for the festive season.

Already Government owned buses from NST has been put to service from Dimapur to Mon for the student communities to reach the district safe and sound.

It is also learnt that various services will be taken cared by the Government for a pleasant holiday this December, provided, Nagaland doesn’t hold sudden bandhs during this lean season further, added the source.