The rain that will shake us hard: Dimapur city to be in crisis?

Our Bureau:

Dimapur, September 11, (NE): Come Dimapur but yes be prepared once you hear it’s raining!

That’s true, with very scanty rains in spotted areas; but a moment of flood is being seen in different locations of Dimapur alone – forget about other districts as of now.

The haphazard, scanty rains are creating havoc with dubious floods even in parts of National Highway due to one way traffic system. Time has come to rethink about such situations if normalcy is to be the way.
The public due to advance age, has taken through the social media to protest for a better and safety roads, anywhere in Dimapur city. Various social media groups has also started to put pictures of the current state of affairs for larger good of public as a whole.

One person was seen commenting that he was in sudden shock and the water went inside the back seat of that auto he was traveling in.
The administration concern will have to put means so as to tackle the sudden floods occurring due to the rains, since few weeks from time to time in different parts of Dimapur city.

This will enable to halt any epidemics of diseases particularly for children and adults.

Dimapur is all good – in other words, its improving in maximum sectors due to money pouring in for betterment of the district. But with that, accountability is a very important factor, in way such floods too, for every one will be safe and sound; with just pure rains wherever the nature wants.