The Non-Naga communities of Dimapur submit memorandum to Nagaland CM on ILP

Dimapur, December 14 (NE): The Non-Naga communities of Dimapur has submitted a memorandum to Chief Minister (CM) of Nagaland on December thirteen with a subject on recent extension of Inner Line Permit (ILP) to Dimapur.

In the letter, the leaders of the Non-naga communities of Dimapur Town through a press release said that they strongly believe & support the government to stridently check the infiltration of illegal immigrants in Nagaland. They are further willing to support the Govt. of Nagaland for non-implementation of Citizenship Amendment Bill (CAB) in Dimapur district. But, Union Home Minister’s statement on Dimapur not being under ILP as declared in the Parliament on late night of December nine & Govt. Of Nagaland’s notification on the same day is very contradictory, queried the leaders in the letter addressed to the Government.

The non-Naga leaders has expressed through a twenty point where Dimapur is like a metropolitan with mini India status. The leaders have come out to recall the Government that non-Nagas particularly in Dimapur have been here for a long time and gave the ball back to the Government in considering every aspect of the matter before the final comes out, which will be good for the stakeholders particularly residing at Dimapur.

It is important to note that on December thirteen a consultative meeting for all non-Nagas particularly residing at Dimapur district was held alongwith the Government of Nagaland for implementing ILP at Dimapur, as soon as possible.