The name of TaFMA in the banner mistakenly, not involved with the event; TaFMA clarify

Dimapur, October 14 (NE): TaFMA issued a clarification for a viral post in Facebook about TaFMA, Task Force for Music and Arts, division of the Government of Nagaland, in collaboration with a night club MONKEY B organising a DJ show in Dimapur on 18th Oct 2019. The post with a banner attached, having the name of TaFMA printed had shocked the Facebook users and in no time it has gone viral.

In response to that TaFMA issued a clarification; Infinity Inc. is a dimapur based artist promotion and training company. As a way for further skilling their students, they have planned on bringing a master DJ to give master classes for which TaFMA has extended assistance. Other than that, this is to clarify that TaFMA is not involved with the event being organised at Monkey B. We have no knowledge of the event either.

We have requested the organisers to clarify on the alleged part of TaFMA in the event, which they have done so to the queries and also taken down the banner from venue where they have included the name of TaFMA mistakenly. TaFMA is striving to promote musicians and artists from Nagaland since inception catering to all kinds of musicians.

I hope this will clarify all your doubts.
Thank you for your concern, we remain grateful, stated in the clarification.

Viral Facebook posts (Copy pasted from Facebook):


I am shocked to discover that the TaFMA, Task Force for Music and Arts, division of the Government of Nagaland, in collaboration with an illegal night club MONKEY B is organising a DJ show in Dimapur on 18th Oct 2019.

Is the TAFMA aware that Monkey B is an illegal night club where young men, women and even children are indulging in immoral and anti-social activities under the influence of Alcohol and Marijuana? Is it aware that the club sells IMFL in direct contravention of the Nagaland Total Prohibition of Liquor Act?

As a mother and a concerned citizen I have been fighting time and again against this ILLEGAL DEN of IMMORAL ACTIVITIES and am dismayed to discover that not only is the District Administration and Police turning a blind eye to such activities but that the Government, on the State Level, is associating with this hub of illegal activities. Are Night Clubs legal in Nagaland that the Government is endorsing them?
Schoolgoing children’s studies and residents daily lives are badly affected because of this illegal Night Club, set up in an Apartment, in the heart of a Residential Area .They party real hard till the wee hours, creating, hell, with the loud noise of dance music, the stench of banned IMFL and the stink of Marijuana; this directly affects the physical and mental health of nearby residents.

I had written an official complaint against this night club nuisance to the colony council also. But seems the MONKEY B owner, who’s from Manipur, doesn’t give a damn about our Nagaland Colony Councils.
The shocking part is that the Government is promoting an event at an illegal night club. Are there no good things to promote in Nagaland ? And when we have many Nagas and their establishments to promote and sponsor, why a Manipuri Naga established illegal den? No tribalism or communalism here but stating the reality about Non Nagaland Nagas getting promotion/sponsorship from GON, when we have thousands of Nagas from our own State who are running from pillar to post, knocking on every door, trying to get help from the Govt. This Initiative of the Govt is an insult and a slap on the face of all young Nagas from Nagaland who are frustrated with the Government for depriving them in so many avenues.

I have verbally complained to the student bodies leader to check on such Night Clubs where our kids party till wee hours. Our young girls are being taken away in SUV’s after getting high. Some couples even make out in public view under the influence of alcohol n weeds.I am the witness to all this.

Is this night club culture of uninhibited drinking, drugging and free, immoral sex the Culture that the Government of Nagaland is promoting? Who has granted the Manipuri Nagas the permission to flaunt the Laws of Nagaland in such a blatant and brazen way? The Government of Nagaland? The NSCN I-M? Or the 7 NNPGs? Where are the Tribal Hohos? Where are the Student Bodies? Where is the Naga Mothers’ Association and, most importantly, where is the Nagaland Baptist Church Council?