The First Naga Nuclear Scientist, Chireuding Zeliang shares on his journey | Exclusive

(Nuclear Scientist, Chireuding Zeliang from Gaili village under Peren district, Nagaland |Photo: NagalandExpress)

Kohima, December 11 (NE): The first Naga Nuclear Scientist, Chireuding Zeliang, shares his journey of chasing a dream to help parents and his people from a small village – Gaili under Peren district of Nagaland to a Nuclear Scientist at Toronto, Canada; which is an existing and rather inspiring journey, which sent out a strong message of ‘determination’ among the youths, not only in Nagaland, but even beyond.

Speaking exclusively to NagalandExpress, Chireuding Zeliang shared his excitement to come back home for the first time as a Nuclear Scientist for a visit after 3 long years from Canada. The Zeliang Kangtsa Union Nagaland is organising a reception program for Mr. Chireuding Zeliang at Dimapur Airport on December 15, 2019.

Sharing on pursuing as a Nuclear Scientist, Chireuding said, I wanted something challenging and innovative rather than the normal means of energy generation. After some readings and research, I found that Nuclear Technology have enormous potential but very delicate given the risk associated with it. The hard life in the Village made me a very determined person. I wanted to become someone and help my parents and people. We don’t get electricity everyday in our area. That inspired me to take up my profession in the energy sector, Chireuding said.

Chireuding Zeliang is the son of Chusi Hieme and Ilubuile Hieme from Gaili village, under Peren, Nagaland. He completed schooling from All Saints School, Peren and graduated with a first class in Bachelor of Electrical Engineering from North Eastern Regional Institute of Science and Technology (NERIST) in 2012.

After clearing Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE), he pursued Master’s degree in Nuclear Engineering and Technology from Indian Institute and Technology (IIT) Kanpur in 2015, only IIT with Nuclear Engineering program in India and graduated with a first class degree in Nuclear Engineering. Additionally, he obtained a Master of Applied Science in Nuclear Engineering with a first class from University of Ontario, Canada.

Chireuding is currently working at the capacity of a Nuclear Scientist/Engineer in the Canadian Nuclear Industry since 2016. His work and research are focused on Probabilistic Risk Assessment of Nuclear Plants, Nuclear accident sequence modelling and analysis and development of Innovative Small Modular Nuclear Reactors.

Prior to that, he was pursuing his research on development of algorithms for Probabilistic Reactor Dynamics to capture the evolution of accident sequences in nuclear plants and to avoid state-space explosion.

(Chireuding Zeliang, as the Co-Scientific Investigator for an International Atomic Energy Agency)

Meanwhile, he also served as the Co-Scientific Investigator for an International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) collaborative research project involving 15 countries. He represented Canada at several IAEA technical meetings to discuss the risk and challenges posed by passive nuclear systems.

Many of his works have been published in international journals, including a presentation on advanced dynamic nuclear risk assessment technique at the Annual American Nuclear Society Conference, Pittsburgh in 2017.

At the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), United Nations, Austria (2015-2016), he worked with Senior Nuclear Scientist/Engineers to support the development and deployment of Advanced Modular Nuclear Reactors around the globe.

Specifically, he was responsible for the development of an IAEA Technical Document to incorporate lessons learned into the design of advanced nuclear reactors following the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Accident in 2011.

Sharing about the future plan, Chireuding said; my future goal is to run for the Scientific Secretary (Nuclear) at the United Nations.

Chireuding through this report encouraged the young Nagas to dream big. We should do our best to run along with the world and seek for great opportunities out there, he added.