‘The Conversation’ on Music and Arts- A Catalyst for Positive Change in Nagaland to be held

Kohima, February 27 (NE): The Heritage Publishing House, Morung Foundation and The Morung Express is jointly organizing ‘The Conversation’ on Music and the Arts – A Catalyst for Positive Change in Nagaland on February 28, 2020 from 3:00pm to 5:00pm which will be held at Don Bosco Institute for Development & Leadership, River Belt Colony, Dimapur.

In a press release by Morung Express, it said that the Conversation is open to all public and there is no registration fee. As part of the process of creating critical consciousness and enabling contemplative engagement through open and honest dialogue on issues critical to the Naga context, the Heritage Publishing House, Morung Foundation and The Morung Express has initiated The Conversation. “We hope to be able to facilitate this event on a monthly basis”. – unquote.

The discussants would be Theja Meru, Advisor, Task Force for Music and Arts, Alobo Naga, Singer, writer & composer, Kekhrie Ringa, Infinity Inc. Artist, Renthunglo Shitiri, Poet, Teacher and Performer.

Further, highlighting about the program, they said, “The Conversation is free from any political affiliation. It is an independent process that emerged out from our own personal and collective commitment for positive change in our context. We are happy to inform you that the entire process is supported from resources that are self-generated and we have not received any financial support or funding from any other source.” – unquote.

It also gave an overview of the program as follows: “The arts – music, painting, poetry, movement, dance drama are all powerful means of creative expression that can bring about positive change at individual and societal levels. All these art forms have the quality and ability to inspire, uplift and transcend differences to bring people together. Music embraces differences and impacts the way we perceive the world. Can it be a driving force for positive change?” – unquote.

“Nagas are indigenous people who give distinct and unique expression through art, music, storytelling, weaving, handicraft and writing. Music and the arts have profoundly impacted Nagas throughout their history as experienced in our songs, storytelling, dances, images and multiple art forms. At our heart, Nagas are a creative and performing society. Our storytelling tradition, music and the performing arts have both represented and shaped transformations in traditional Naga society”. “Music and the arts are not limited to the act of expression. Artistic expression is, in fact, the cumulative representation of one’s values, culture, aspirations, memories, traumas and faith.”

Appealing to all citizens, it added- “Please join us as we experience how music and our many art forms are life giving, bring us in touch with our true selves that can contribute to genuine transformations for all of Naga society.” – unquote.

It can be noted that Government of Nagaland through TaFMA has been trying to create music and arts as an industry, while this program will show it a way? Stay tuned!