Temjen writes to GoI for spritizing or fogging schools and colleges

Dimapur, March 16 (NE): Minister for Higher Education and Tribal Affairs, Government of Nagaland (GoN), Shri Temjen Imna Along has written a letter to Union Minister, Health & Family Welfare, Science & Technology and Earth Science, GoI, Dr Harsh Vardhan on urgent basis for Spritizing or Fogging schools and colleges in Nagaland as a preventive measure to combat pandemic Covid-19 (Novel Corona Virus).

In the letter, Shri Temjen wrote that at this time of an alerted epidemic with the WHO declaring as a pandemic and as Nagaland’s immediate neighbour being declared officially with tourists infected with the dreadful Corona, he is constrained to seek favour for a major preventive measures for the schools and institutes in the state.

In Nagaland, there are five hundred ninety two (592) schools and sixty one (61) affiliated colleges which can be prevented from such pandemic, by spritizing or fogging with Calla 1452 or MD-125 as a neutral disinfectant in respective campuses to protect thousands of children and others as a precaution. It has been learned that, it provides effective cleaning, deodorizes and disinfects in the process, said the letter.

He further appealed the Government of India as an urgent need of the institutions here at Nagaland. Similarly, various citizens were happy to see that atleast the Government of Nagaland is working in the interest of public health and safety at the same time.

Nagaland Institutes hopefully would soon be seeing respective campuses in a process of spraying for preventive measures against Covid19. As per official intimation, there is no positive case reported from Nagaland and no samples been sent for test, as on March Fifteen evening.